Time, Energy & Writing

Dear All,

Season’s Greetings & Blessings Be!

Time energy diagram

I apologise for my long absence, Winter’s bite has bitten me deep, taking all of my energy and leaving me just wanting to huddle under the duvet & hibernate! Alas this is not a possibility with a young family and a business to run and, of course, Christmas nearly upon us. All of this, plus other goings-on, has shunted my creative Mind to the side, which is currently ‘shelved’, like that jar of yummy stuff that peeks out from the back of the cupboard, half-hidden, half-forgotten. Mentally, I want to write, I want my Creativity flowing again, and as I go about my day I come up with various ideas and lines and themes… but I cannot get the oomph together to actually sit down and craft something formed out of this. When I have the time, I don’t have the energy… and when I have the energy – yep, I don’t have the time! It’s incredibly frustrating, but I have learnt to ‘go with the energy flow’.

I hope that after the Solstice, once we reach and pass the shortest day of the year, and with Christmas behind rather than ahead of us, my time & energy will regain somewhat & I will have the right balance to pick up the metaphorical half-forgotten jar of yummy stuff from my mind, open the lid, scoop it out, and dollop a nice big portion on to the serving plate!

I hope you are all well and looking forward to your own Christmas celebrations, I am still trying to read Blogs, am catching up slowly, thank you for your understanding & forbearance!

Festive & Solstice Blessings,



WordPress & One Year

Isn’t this sweet! I know I posted the Anniversary thing a while ago – if you missed it you can see it here – but I just got this from WP… aaahhhhh 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

Call Me Warrior

The Eagle and The Serpent


For once I am breaking my own rule on this site, & am posting a poem – because this poem is absolutely What I Am, and fits with the spirit of this blog, too.  This poem is in my heart right now.


Do not mistake my kindness for weakness;

Do not think that as a Healer I am helpless,

My heart is open but not unprotected –

The danger has not gone undetected.


I will not falter and I shall not yield,

I accept this Power I can wield,

I fight not with a weapon in my hand –

It is a different battle for which I stand.


I understand there may be pain,

If I do not venture there will be no gain

To pretect my community, kith and kin –

Every battle shall I face and plan to win.


You see but do not…

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Blogging Prayer by reikiheidi

This post was one I did a while ago which was far & away my most popular… I was going to repost it as an anniversry celebration, but Mix&MatchMeme got there first with her singing my poem!

Happy Anniversary to me – What a Year it’s been!



Here's a bunch of flowers for you

Here’s a bunch of flowers for you

This month is the 1st Birthday of this, my very first Blog – and wow, what a year it has been!

I’d like to share with you the Highlights of my year… it’s been a real Life-Changer!

October 2012 – Started my 1st Blog ‘Writing for joy’ – & re-discovered my joy of writing, found other wonderful, interesting blogs, & made lots of new online friends!

My little girl started school Sept 2012… and now is in her 2nd year of school. How time flies! She is a BRILLIANT reader 🙂

Somewhere during this year I started writing children’s books. Got several finished, and sent them off to Children’s Book Agents. So far rejected… still plan on sending to more agents and to keep working on them.

February 2013 – started my 2nd Blog with my partner, ‘The Eagle & The Serpent’, a continuing journey of our Spiritual experiences – & discovered even more wonderful friends & blogs

March 2013 – diagnosed with Depression & Anxiety. Made me rethink who I am & life in general. Shocked me, but I was determined to ‘handle’ it.

New Spiritual experiences – connected with Arianrhod… & have an ongoing Project with this Goddess, planning on writing a book.



May 2013 – reluctantly agreed to go on to anti-depressants. Was having counselling, did a ‘handling depression’ 4 week seminar.

August 2013 – Gave up my office job. Made the decision this was a major factor in my mental state, and so took the leap of faith and quit.

  • Started my professional Reiki business.

    Reiki Healing

    Reiki Healing

    – Started my Facebook page ‘Reiki Rise & Shine’ – and have met yet more like-minded & wonderful people.

    -Started a Linked In account.

    – Spiritual Life shifted, boosted… among other things, taking on the Shaman’s Path.

    – Sept 2013 – Took myself off the anti-depressants.

    – My little boy turned 2!

So there we go. A Year in the Life of Heidi, since Writing for Joy was born! A lot has certainly happened, and I have got through it all with ups and downs, smiles and tears… but with Joy for learning, discovering, exploring…

And now I know what I am capable of too.

Sadly this blog has been on a bit of a back burner recently what with everything else going on, but I am hoping to find time again soon to dedicate to my writing.

Yin-Yang & the World Tree

Yin-Yang & the World Tree

Thank you to all my followers who have been with me on this blogging journey, your Likes, comments, interactions and your own blogs have been a & an inspiration to me.

So how has your year been?

Light & Blessings to you all 

Expression and Music

It’s true that music lifts your soul

A bit of a different post today, because of the mood I am in.

My life has changed recently. I’m no longer employed, doing a job that just ‘pays the bills’ and ‘ticking along’ and being what I now realise was actually unhappy.

I never thought I was a ‘Little Miss Susie Homemaker’ type. I would sneer and mock – I’m an independent feminist woman! Housework? Spending all day looking after babies and having dinner ready when the master comes home?! Hah! In fact my partner would probably have hysterics if my name & ‘Susie Homemaker’ were mentioned in the same sentence.

And yet… I am at home. Officially I am self-employed and running a business, though I’m still waiting for those paying customers. In the meantime, I’m at home with the not-quite little one, doing the school run, and keeping house. And you know what? I’m happy! (16 year old self shudders and turns away in horror). But I am, there’s no denying it. What I’m doing I’m doing for me and my family. I can choose how to spend my days… in relation to kiddies of course, but that still leaves a lot of scope. I’m not stressing about the school run, or the housework – because I have plenty of time in which to fit everything in. And I get to play with my kids, instead of feeling like I’m rushing around trying to do everything at once.

This happiness has resulted in me singing around the house more and listening to music. The tv has been turned off. I used to have the tv on pretty much all the time, not because I watched it, I’d just got used to it being ‘background’. We occasionally listened to music… but now… now it fills my soul. It’s an intrisic part of my happiness. And it is, I have discovered, absolutely true that music lifts your spirits – or if your spirits are already lifted, emphasises/enhances/complements said spirits.

I never really know what sort of music I am ‘into’. I’m an eclectic, and will listen to pretty much anything, but I’ve never really been a collector, or a specific fan of this person or that group.

But that is one group, and one song in particular that is ME, that lifts me immediately every time I hear it, and transports me back to the first time I heard it, live at a festival, just over 10 years ago now. This piece of music is everything to me: it gets into my very soul, sends shivers down my spine, makes my feet move and my brain tingle.

I don’t know how many people have heard of this band, maybe Australians have as that’s where they’re from – The Cat Empire. It is a mix of Jazz, a bit of reggae, and other stuff to that is just WOWee! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If I was to define myself by music, THIS would be it. I encourage you to listen to it – listen to the words as well as the music – as a poet, the words, to me, are just as important as the music, and I LOVE the message here!

“Our weapons were our instruments, made of timber & steel – we’ll never yield to conformity but stood like kings – in a chariot that’s riding on a record wheel…”

(oh, – be patient… the intro’s a little odd, but trust me, its worth waiting for!)

The Cat Empire – The Chariot – YouTube.

So there you go. That is me, as defined by music.

I haven’t listened to this song for months… but I put it in again the other day, fitting with my current uplifted mood. And nothing makes me happier!

Do you have a song/artist/group/band that you feels defines you?

In The Name Of Love-A Poem To All World Leaders (Rondeau Redoublé)

T J Therien is the Master of his art… if you haven’t seen his blog, I urge you to pop along and take a visit.

Possible WordPress fault?

Dear all,

I don’t if this is just me or if any of you are currently having a bit of an issue with WordPress…. I’m trying, as usual to follow posts and blogs via my reader. But sometimes, when I click to read a post, it comes up with ‘No Data Received’, so I can’t get into that post or blog site! NOT GOOD!

Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know if this is a known issue or am I somehow, suddenly, doing something wrong? And, most importantly, CAN THIS BE FIXED?! 

I am sorry if I haven’t been to your site for a while – there are some I have tried to follow and cannot get into because of this problem, which is vexing me now. I WANT to read your posts… BUT I CAN’T GET IN!! 😦 (Sniffles)

Please share this around, so hopefully other people are aware, if this is a problem, and/or someone has an answer to this problem!

With Love, apologies, and hope,


Projects and Inspiration

Dear all,
I hope everyone is well and happy. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I have been thinking of you all, my wonderful blogging friends.

Here's a bunch of flowers for you

Here’s a bunch of flowers for you

So, an update then… well, I’m working hard on a personal project at the moment, and I’m really hoping it’s going to come to something. But, as ever, I can only do what I can, to the best of my ability, and the rest is then in fate’s hands. Anyway, I don’t want to say any more about this project right now, but I am pursuing it with all the energy that I have. Actually, considering how I’ve been feeling lately, its been very good for me, having something specific to work on, to aim for, and know that it may be something that moves my life forward.
However, because of the amount of time and energy I’ve been spending on that, its simply left me with none for catching up here. There are only so many words that I can read, write and say in any given day, or week, and only so much brain power I can use!
Actually, I have a second project that I am hoping to start working towards soon, too – at the moment, whilst working on project#1, project#2 is working away in this little ol’ brain of mine. So, you combine that with working, and maintaining two young children… well, you can understand my quiet glass of wine in the evening with perhaps a touch of might and magic (RPGs on the PS3)!
I hope to be able to catch up with you all soon, and maybe even post some new work as well – I do miss it.

Picture Credit: mydailygoddess.blogspot.com

Picture Credit: mydailygoddess.blogspot.com

Do YOU have any projects on the go at the moment? What’s inspiring your life right now, or has inspired you to be who you are today? What are you proud of having done in life?
Blessings be everyone, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


I would love to write something for Earth day but alas I have other projects needing attention right now and my brain is very tired. However, here is an old piece that is a little twist on the ‘Earth day’ theme.

Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase

SoulJah. Soul Jah. Jah as in ‘Jahweh’(Yahweh).

SoulJah = Soul of God, Essence of God… Humanity?
OR = God of the Soul….

We all have God within Ourselves, our own Divine Spirit

Be a Souljah……

As the earth suffers, corroded further and further, more and more, through the Ages, the Centuries, She screams, silently but furiously, gathering a Dark strength….
Only those that are bound to the Earth by more than Blood can feel it, know what it means.
The Dark Goddess.
She in the Shadows.
Huntress of the Night.
She gathers strength as Gaia recedes, willingly metamorphosising into Her Darker Self, the Self that will fight back with fire in Her Heart, Merciless Revenge, Vengeance, in Her eyes.
Be a Souljah! Reach inside, into the depths of your very core, and Pledge to her! Pledge your faith, your Loyalty, your Being!
Be a Souljah! Throw off the manacles of…

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