Speaking Paradox


If one knows one is lost, then one is no longer lost, but perhaps the only time one has truly found themselves.


Pieces of a puzzle

Pieces of a puzzle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Rebellion: Rebel Lion

Can a lion ‘rebel’? Is a lion not its nature; just ‘Is’? Does a lion ever ‘rebel’ against its Pride?

And how can one ‘re-bel’ when one cannot ‘bel’? 




How can one person feel so split, so divided amongst themself, when they have but one mind? How can the Inner & the Outer contain divisiveness when they share one body; one mind; one heart; one soul?

Not Yin-Yang: for Yin-Yang is Balance ever-changing, flowing recognition. But Gemini: split, divided, unfocussed – or different focus, through one pair of eyes. 

US divided highway sign

US divided highway sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Question: Puce


This is a long-standing argument between myself and my partner. Guess who insists of course it is a real colour, it has a name doesn’t it?! 🙂

Is it a male/female divide, this question of what constitutes a colour? Or creative/rational mind? Or just personal taste?

So, let’s see if we can lay this one to rest – WHAT DO YOU THINK?

The Future Awaits… With Patience

Calm, calmness; patience; surety, and a strong, solid belief that the future will look after itself.
Some things cannot be rushed. Some things will take their own time, no matter the emotions or events around them: the growing of a mighty oak, the turning of the seasons, the swelling of a woman with child. Time and patience. What will be, will be. The future can be guessed, predicted, planned for – but never known. What use then to expend emotion; anxiety, impatience, frustration?
No. Allow the mind to be in tune with the flow of the babbling brook; the waning and waxing of the moon; the movement of the wind; the growth of a blade of grass. Patience and protection: Patience IS protection – if you manage to cultivate patience, then you manage to protect yourself – against illusion, frustration, false pride, false hope. Wait, watch and Be, with dignity and grace, and surely the future will greet you warmly, gently, like a waiting friend.
Of course the future rears up in our minds – how could it not? All the ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’, worries and drive and ambition, hopes and fears. And that is not to say we should sit back and do nothing. No, rather, to lay plans in the knowledge that the future is unknowable… to understand that we may do that which we must; no more, no less. To grow a beautiful garden, the seeds must be sown, the soil watered. But willing will not make the flowers bloom any quicker. Birds may eat the seeds, spoiling the best laid plans. We do what we must, in a gentle, loving, graceful way, and wait for the future to take care of its own. We must cultivate our own internal patience; our own waning and waxing; our own changing of the seasons, and understand and accept the we will survive whatever the future brings to us. And the more dignity, grace and patience we have within ourselves, the better our acceptance and fortitude; the deeper our understanding.
Forever is the future.
Forever is the present.
We are. Always.

The Power of Three

Power of Three

Power of Three (Photo credit: hale_popoki)


Trilogy. Triangle. Trinity – Holy Trinity, Goddess Trinity.

Perception. A triangle can see every angle of itself.

Three little pigs, three witches, three circles of Kabbalah.

Three pyramids (of importance) at Aztecs’ land, & in (Ancient) Egypt.

The Father – The Son – The Holy Ghost
Maid – Mother – Crone

Angels – Mortals – Demons
Spirits – Mortals – Machines

Sun – Moon – Stars
Sun – Wind – Rain
Land – Sea – Sky

What is it about this ‘magic’ number? Why does it have so much power, so much importance?

The Power and meaning of letters

Kudos – Karma – Kismet – Knowledge – Kairos – Kali – Kabbalah – Kallisiti

All of these are words of undefined, gentle yet unequivocal power.
K = the Mystic letter

Vagina – vulva – virgin
Woman – womb – witch – wise

‘W’ – ‘double u’ – uu = breasts? (breast-like) W = female power
‘V’ is a single of ‘W’ V = innocent woman/sacred woman?

Man – male – masculine – muscle – machine – mad – manic – master – monk‘M’ is a very male dominated letter. M = male power (‘the symbolic core of man’)

However, ‘M’ also includes;
Moon – menstruate – maiden – mother

M = opposite = W
W: Is open upwards & outwards; receiving – feminine
M: Turned inwards; downwards; closed.

Womb-man. WO-MAN = Woman.

Man is part of woman. Woman is part of man.

KWM MWK WMK = Wo-Man-Kind(red)

3 powerful letters that merge the meaning of opposites, bringing balance and harmony… and K is the balancer, the merging.

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