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Dear all,
I hope everyone is well and happy. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I have been thinking of you all, my wonderful blogging friends.

Here's a bunch of flowers for you

Here’s a bunch of flowers for you

So, an update then… well, I’m working hard on a personal project at the moment, and I’m really hoping it’s going to come to something. But, as ever, I can only do what I can, to the best of my ability, and the rest is then in fate’s hands. Anyway, I don’t want to say any more about this project right now, but I am pursuing it with all the energy that I have. Actually, considering how I’ve been feeling lately, its been very good for me, having something specific to work on, to aim for, and know that it may be something that moves my life forward.
However, because of the amount of time and energy I’ve been spending on that, its simply left me with none for catching up here. There are only so many words that I can read, write and say in any given day, or week, and only so much brain power I can use!
Actually, I have a second project that I am hoping to start working towards soon, too – at the moment, whilst working on project#1, project#2 is working away in this little ol’ brain of mine. So, you combine that with working, and maintaining two young children… well, you can understand my quiet glass of wine in the evening with perhaps a touch of might and magic (RPGs on the PS3)!
I hope to be able to catch up with you all soon, and maybe even post some new work as well – I do miss it.

Picture Credit:

Picture Credit:

Do YOU have any projects on the go at the moment? What’s inspiring your life right now, or has inspired you to be who you are today? What are you proud of having done in life?
Blessings be everyone, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.



I originally posted this early on in my blogging career, however I thought I would give it another outing, as this is one of my favourite pieces. It was inspired after reading a particular book (see first line), and it came out of nowhere, written free-flow and free-style. Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy!


kool.JPG (Photo credit: muteboy)

Tom Wolfe, author and fellow adventurer of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test has broken my chains; unburdened my
Brain; lit a candle to burn the flame of
Creative action, words to flow, inspiration to
Kindle and grow. Never in months, possibly years have I felt so natural so
Free a script fountain from my mind, unstifled by thought just
Blind writing of what cometh Truth, what
Stream of consciousness immediately put to paper never
stopping for a secondary thought as long as I could, as long as
I ought. Joyous, happy days to finally find a
Serendipitous solution to my suffocated mind. Imagination rides on a
Free-wheeling chariot whose wheels large and
Bold carry on turning with no conscious steering, no
Pointed direction, just a natural course and solid axles
Bearing no plans but The plan of untutored writing – no,
Writing comes from the brain, of instead Elemental making of
Sentences, sense or non-sense but it holds, it
Grabs, just the same, better than any carefully
Laid Plan laboriously dutifully turned over and over keep riding
That Chariot whose wheels are the dower to
Perpetual storming, motion, mood keep driving on in your
Own created groove for no horses no whip no pilot can
Stop the freedom that comes within when the itch
Unfettered drops
Lightening-bolt like from some outside energy source
Direct to the mind ready to receive and
Yes Eureka! Glory be! Hallelujah! Amen! So mote it be! Receptivity, an
Unfilled cup, continue to pour in, overflow, fill
Up, overflow, keep pouring, synaptic nerves stretching
Yawning, waking waking up from the tedium, monotonous
Boredom to which they were stuck now released, unmade from the
Mulching, damp, donkey grey stage upon which they were
Set. The body and mind within found the trapdoor
Yet to be flung open wide, like first feeling Wind, Rain and
Sky. Senses burst forth, fireworks inside as the
Freedom writes itself creates itself needs no intellectual
Help to bleed its heart, the blood of love, veins tied up
Unravel, unconstricted, letting all flow pumping
In truth now not just because – existence is here, it just is,
That’s all, but because reason of living, of loving
Of being has found its mark its target the caged bird
Singing spread your wings, beautiful, fluffy feathers swell
Out your chest and let pride render your audacity to fly
Alone, confidence undiminished by every one telling you
The path previous trod must be trod
And trod again before you can possibly stop, turn, make a new
Way, be the pioneer for others to play your long-lost shadow
– No, you know the route Originality is the only
Truth to follow so fly, fly, face to the wind let all
And sundry sing sing sing their own musical tune whilst you,
Great beast off earth, dip and dive uniquely, your own natural
Dance of the wind, the clouds and streams
And colours that settle on feathers seem
Rainbow-esque but you do not care, for you cannot see them you
Just feel the warm sun share its joy with you –
At last freedom!

I’m Cool

I originally wrote this as a song, so when I read it I have the inner tune and rhythm along with it. I can’t ‘read it’ as a poem, so I don’t know how it works if you read it without my ‘inner tune’. I’d be interested to know how you read it – as a song or poem. Either way, I hope you enjoy it! 

cool hippie

I don’t need no make-up to make me look cool
And I don’t need no fancy clothes to go acting like a fool
I don’t dye my hair or wear fancy jewellery-
What you see is what you get; I’m cool just being me.

I’m cool with what I am, who I am each day,
I’m cool, I like it -I like myself this way.
I’m cool with what I am, who I am each day,
I wouldn’t want to be any other way-
I’m cool.

Daddy always told me ‘Girl use your head’,
‘Use the wits I gave you’ Mama always said:
‘Batting lashes and swinging hips only gets you so far
But an intelligent mind will show people who you are’.

I’m cool with what I am, who I am each day,
I’m cool, I like it – I like myself this way.
I’m cool with what I am, who I am each day,
I wouldn’t want to be any other way-
I’m cool.

If you want to know me don’t look at my clothes-
Listen to my conversation and hear where it goes
I will charm you with my humour and with my mind
Just spend some time with me and see what’s inside.

I’m cool with what I am, who I am each day,
I’m cool, I like it – I like myself this way.
I’m cool with what I am, who I am each day,
I wouldn’t want to be any other way-
I’m cool.

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