The Joy of Beauty

Let me start by apologising for my absence. Several reasons have caused this, one being technical – we were without internet access for some days. Thankfully, as you can see, that issue is now resolved. I am in the process of catching up with my dear blogging friends – so i haven’t forgotten anyone, and Yes I am still here and active! I hope you enjoy the following piece – and as ever, Blessings be 🙂

The flowers stand half-dead, accusing me from their stand on the mantel-piece. The water is drained, their stems browned, their vibrant colours faded. Wilted and abandoned, they seem to say, you don’t care- you never cared, and you never will. The once red rose faces directly toward me, as if reaching, beseeching. Nothing left now, of its original beauty, only a visual sign that Ugliness comes all too quickly if we do not pay attention to Beauty: If we do not look after Her, care for Her, watch out for Her.

Yes, Ugliness so quickly, easily takes Her place – decay slides in as if to say, This is all, in the end. This, I, is what all shall come to. So what point in fussing, preening, pruning, trying maintaining, all for Beauty?  – When I will win, anyway? Like Death, ahnd in hand with death, I come. I always come.

But wait – see – the yellow flowers are not quite dead: their heads are up still, their solid, butter-coloured heads remain proud, undiminished by the rose defeated, next to them.

Yellow flowers of Gazania rigens

Yellow flowers of Gazania rigens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, to see their strength, pride and Beauty! THIS is why we do not give in to decay! Beauty is not just a transitory thing that is in the end lost – no, it is much more than that: Beauty GIVES us pride, a sense of joy and pleasure to look upon such a thing. And that sense of pleasure and joy can give us an inner strength. To feel good inside is to bolster one’s self in every way, including strength of mind, and strength of feeling. This, this is the reason why Beauty should be maintained for as long as possible. This is the reason why decay should be stayed, and not given into, not so easily sliding towards, with its promising whispers suggesting… decay is the Death of all things, it will not stop once it has started, it is jealous and will cling to anything it can get its dirty, dank, fetid claws on.

But Beauty – ah Beauty! – Is life. It reminds us- I am hard work – you must look after me most carefully if you want to get the absolute best out of me. Work diligently, and I will work for you – I will be a source of pride, joy, strength and reward.

Only that which must be worked for is worth having and worth keeping. Only that which requires effort, thought and attention is worth doing. And that which is done with quality, with love, with patient time…

Is Beautiful.


Bring Me Home

spring goddessThe domain of Compassion – encompassing all;
The domain of Hope – Always we wait in her hall.
The domain of Fear – can lead to the insane;
The domain of Relief – that leads back out again.
The domain of Rage – filled with anger and fury;
The domain of Peace – brimming with content, purely.
The domain of Love – her floor tiled Yin-Yang;
The domain of Loss – tears flowing in the sand.

Each Hall to be stepped into and through,
Each One to meet, greet, and confront you.
Each domain visited as we journey through life,
This path we all tread, a balance of joy and strife.
And so we laugh, and so we cry,
And so together we shall get by.
No domain do I fear for all hold a teaching wisdom:
With each passing one I find a deeper meaning.

Forward I travel knowing not what awaits,
You travel with me and so every trial I shall face
In courage, and knowing with pride
That the heart is strong and the soul abides
And should it falter and I lose my way,
Your hand in mine will my anxiety stay.
So I thank you, my love, and come sunshine or rain,
Together we boldly walk through each of Life’s domain.

Man made…?

A slight twist, in celebration of Woman’s Day. I hope you enjoy! She-Ra

Man. There he stands, roaring his prowess:
His strength; his mind; his voice; his power.
There he stands, Man, so blithely alone,
Independent, and standing oh so strong.
There he goes, the Alpha Male,
Swaggering and strutting and gloating.
There he preens, the Alpha male,
Thinking he is man-made alone.
Male pride, male audacity to think
He made it solely on his own
Male roaring and his competitive urge
To show that only he, above all, is Number One.
Ah! But we know don’t we?
And any Man worth his salt knows-
The secret, as he beams quietly and proudly-
His strength comes not from himself alone:
For who was it who born him into his life?
Who was it who raised him with his strength and his wits?
Who was it who gave him the wisest advice?
Who was it who taught him his failings and errors?
Who is it who picks him up when he falls?
Who is it who lets him cry, without mockery?
Who is it who keeps every secret he utters?
Who is it who gives him the strength when he thinks his strength has failed?
Who will it be who gives joy to his heart?
Who will it be who teaches him what kind of man he is?
Who will it be who sees nothing but adoration when looking at him?
Who will it be who teaches him to better himself?
Behind every man, Great and not so great,
Behind every man, Alpha Male through to Geek,
Behind every man from baby-hood to great-grandfather,
Stands – not one Woman; but many:
In silent strength, in giving compassion,
Without complaint – (okay sometimes with)-
Stands each Man’s own personal army:
Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Lover, Daughter.
Yes any Man worth his salt knows-
He is not Man-made, but made of

Sunshine Award!

I am so happy to have been nominated for this most prestigious Award… Thank you, willowdot21 for nominating me. She is one talented writer, I urge you to take a look at her awesome site.


So, the 10 questions then….

  1. What inspired you to start bloggging?  I had folders of writing that were just sitting around, quietly doing nothing. I wasn’t confident enough to send them to an agent or a publisher… so one day, I decided to start a blog and share them – and I am very glad I did!
  2. How did you come up with the name of your blog? It took a lot of thinking about, and a lot of rejecting names, but in the end, it does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s from the heart.
  3. What is your favourite blog that you like to read? It depends on my mood, but I follow so many people because there’s so much interesting and varied stuff out there… a blog for every mood!
  4. Tell about your dream job. I have so many ideas… I’d love to be a professional Reiki healer; to start a children’s Cafe (there are none here, where you can get good, healthy food for little kiddies); to own a Pagan Speciality shop; to be a published author, of children’s books and Fantasy.
  5. Is your glass half full or half empty? Again, it really depends on my mood… I try to keep it half full.
  6. If you could go anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go? Macchu Picu. I’ve have always wanted to go there. And Australia, to see my auntie that I have never met.
  7. What food can you absolutely not eat? Meat. I became veggie almost 18 months ago, and the idea of eating meat now fills me with revulsion. Not that I’m a militant: I don’t preach to others, but I cannot justify eating meat to myself.
  8. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Both! Any chocolate. give me chocolate! Mmmm!
  9. How much time do you spend blogging? I’m usually on each evening, either reading other blogs or posting, but life’s got a bit busy lately so I don’t have as much time as I’d like, sadly.
  10. Do you watch TV – if so, what are some of your favorite shows? Not too much – it’s so ‘dumbing down’, and I can’t stand adverts. But there are some things I like to watch, though there isn’t a single thing that I couldn’t bear to miss. There’s more to life.

My nominations for the Sunshine Award:





Eternally Me


Liberty of Thinking

TJ Therien


 The Liberated Way

Thank you all, for your fantabulous posts – for making me think, making me laugh, informing me, inspiring me, sharing your wonderful writing – and sharing your personal stories and a part of your lives.

to those nominated, just do what I’ve done here, and answer these same questions (I assume!)

Blessings be.


File under: Sentimentality

I had the best night last night that I have had for a long time. I didn’t do anything exciting. I didn’t even go out. I’m so tired lately and my energy is really low. I had no thought for writing. Baby was in bed and the other half on the late shift at work. So what did I do?

I sorted out the memento files. Having not done this for a while, there’s various bits and bobs laying around in various parts of the house… no matter how much I try and keep things tidy, there just never seems to be enough time to do everything. Stuff just gets dumped wherever there’s a spare space… papers, documents, cards, tickets from places we’ve been. You name it, we’ve got it… somewhere.

Some pages from my daughter's album

Some pages from my daughter’s album


My daughter's album

My daughter’s album

When my first daughter was born, I decided to keep a memento album. And over the years, it’s filled up with beautiful things that we’ve done together, things she’s made, special cards, and places we’ve gone. To me, this is like an alternative photo album. Photos are lovely, but these keepsakes have a different feel, and invoke different memories. So she has her very own album. I also have an album for me and my partner, and I have a special box that I keep all of my beautiful, special cards in that I get from my wonderful family every year – Birthdays, Christmases, Mother’s day cards, Valentine’s day cards… and so on. For some reason I’ve not yet got a memento album for my boy, but I have kept stuff for him too. Some has got lost along the way *sniffles sadly* but I’ve salvaged what I can.

The Boys' special things, currently in *nice* envelopes

The Boys’ special things, currently in *nice* envelopes

So, glass of wine to the side, t.v on in the background, cat strolling in and out… and all these memories piled around me. All the bits that hadn’t been sorted out, I put into relevant piles: Daughter/baby/adults. Then started putting them into the right file/box/envelope. This took a long time to do… and of course, made longer by the fact that I just had to look through each of the files as I was sorting them out. Looking back at all of those memories. All the things my babies have done – oh, how they’re growing up! – All the things my partner and I have done together, and all the beautiful cards they’ve given me over the past few years.

My special cards

My special cards


My Cards

My Cards

This was such a cathartic thing for me. I felt blissful, at peace, content. The memory files made me smile and laugh. Putting the outstanding things away felt like an act of love. I was totally in the moment, enjoying seeing my family and my life in this way.

It also made me think and re-evaluate: Looking at the cards and the sentiments in them from my children (okay, so my partner wrote them, but wrote them beautifully ‘from’ the children, and my daughter loves writing her name and kisses) made me feel sad for all the times lately I’ve been stressed and/or tired, and have snapped at them. Seeing the love in those cards, written out in that way, just made me sit and think about my own behaviour with them, my own attitude, and what they actually deserve from me. They certainly don’t deserve me snarling at them just because I’m a Grumpy Groo!

I think this activity was exactly what I needed, at exactly this time. To relax, to be filled with love, to be reminded, and to think about our relationship. It was cathartic for me, and just perfect.

And as a bonus, the house is (slightly) tidier, and bits and bobs are all where they should be… in one loving place.

I hope one day the children will enjoy looking at the files, seeing the things that they’ve done, and that we have done, and that it gives them some happy reference of their childhood. I guess I’m just a sentimentalist at heart!

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