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Blood red her lips, black as black her eyes
Pale her cheeks, and proud her stance
She looks on with a sneer as you tell your lies
Laughing cold she will make you preen and prance
No mercy shows in her look or deeds
Tight on her leash yet thinking she is under control
Never knowing it is you that she will make bleed
For every wrong you have done she will break your soul.

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Before I Was A Life

Lilith/Rei looks to the sky, pulled by the Ear...

Lilith/Rei looks to the sky, pulled by the Earth’s gravity, and cradles the Egg of Lilith which absorbed the souls of all human beings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hovering, floating, being.
In a place of darkness, like space, but isn’t space. Blacker than black, a velvety nothingness; interspersed by thousands of bright shining pin-points like stars, but not stars, us. Silver, golden, blue, purple – all hovering, floating, being.
No bodies, no minds as such. Thought-forms undulate around and between us, our collective conscious knowing each other, knowing our very beings, our very thoughts. If thoughts we can be said to have.

Miles and miles away this being watches a sphere, a sphere so full of intriguing life. It is so far away it is but another glowing dot, but in another place. Yet this being can see it as clear as if it were all happening right here, right next to this watcher.
The sphere has so many interesting things happening! Water and air and fire and earth… creatures and more than creatures, those corporeal beings who race through a life seemingly so short yet so full of events, of emotions, of LIFE. This being watches, fascinated, seeing Joy and Love and Despair and Hope and humans being born and dying, and everything in-between. They go through so much, these corporeal beings, they live so much! Endlessly racing, hoping, loving, crying, dying. So much to feel – those emotions that fill them up and make them do things and feel things – and the sun on their faces and air in their hair and grass and rocks and earth underfoot and water streaming over them… This being is transfixed, feeling a pull, wanting to know what all those things feel like. How does the sun feel? How do tears feel? To have a baby? To laugh? To love? To swim? Pain? Misery? To die?

This being is eager. 90 years, is that all? This being projects. 90 years! This being will be back, hovering, floating, being, in no ‘time’ at all! It is nothing, this 90 years of human life. How long has this being been here, watching? Unknown, there is no ‘time’ here. Here is here, forever ‘Now’. But – To experience Human-ness, to FEEL, to understand, to know….

ARE YOU SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT? It projects. The being over and above all shining star-like beings, the Us. The being who rules the rules; The Wyrd; the divinity; the One that keeps all this working, being.
Yes! Yes! I can do this!
No! No! Wait! It’s not as simple as that! Cries the collective conscious. This being knows better – of course it is! What could be more simple? The Human-beings know nothing of the Us, the Rules, the Being-here. They just live their lives in emotion and feeling and physicality – what could be more simple? This being wants to be part of that, to understand it. Only 90 years, it won’t take this being long to fulfil that life.
Edging toward the sphere, excited, pulsing, there is a pull, this being feels it… there is a body being conceived, waiting, waiting for this being…

Yes. The Agreement. The things to adhere to. The things to agree to, in the human life-form. The things this ‘I’ must learn. It’s fine.
This being will remember. Will try to remember. How hard can it be?
The Agreement is made. The path this one’s life must take. The hardships this being agrees to partake in. the lessons of life this being must go through. The relationships and interactions.
Looking, eagerly, for the right parents. The right pair of human-beings to teach this life-form the Agreed lessons, good or ill.
Good or ill? What matters it? It’s all feeling, that’s what this being wants – to feel. Alive! To be alive!
We – this being and the Other; the Rule, the Wyrd, together we find the right Parents. Yes, Perfect! They are perfect.
This being projects a distracted yes, focussing only on the Life. The Parents. That which is about to be. This being knows what will happen if it forgets the Agreement, or does it wrong. This being will not come back here for a very long time. Yet this seems such a trivial thing – how could a being forget in a 90 year span? Such a short time! This being will ensure it gets as much Living as possible done, to feel and do and be everything that is possible in this span! There is no danger. There is no danger-

Flying towards the sphere now – eagerly, as quick as this ‘I’ can go – yes, already I can feel the ‘I’, not of the Us anymore, eagerly to my new home, waiting, down there, on that Earth –
Don’t go! You don’t understand! They project, as I fly past them, barely noticing their shining lights. I laugh, I scorn them. How can you not want to go? I ask Them rashly.
We know! We remember! Listen to us!
Yes, It is done! I tell Them. I will be back soon- and I will tell you how it feels!
They fall silent, defeated, those shining beings, those non-corporeal consciousness’, they let me go, I am no longer One of Them.
The body – I feel it, waiting for me – soon, soon Life will be mine, sweet life and feeling and I will know and understand and I will remember-
I will-
Warm. Watery. Dark. Voices. Comfort.


After Effects of An Inner Journey


Goddess (Photo credit: junibears)

Calm clear and self-assured
Heady within from what I endured
What happened in that trance-state?
I have returned as a blank space
My forehead throbs warm, super-aware
My eyes feel too big with an emboldened stare
These hands that write feel separate from me
I am vacant, thought-less inside this living body
These words that I write happen by themselves
No conscious thought not having to delve
Slowly yet surely to myself I return
Vaguely questioning what did I learn?
What in Goddess’ name just happened here?
A meditative journey became a weird session, confused and unclear
Dream-like fragments that broke as the Conscious arose
Unable to capture where my Spirit did go
Other times and journeys I have remembered every thing
Yet here and now there is almost a – Nothing
I am left with questions but at far remove
For still I am not quite myself, I assume
That I will return fully some-when soon.
To ask of the Goddess and Horned God a message and boon
Seems to have been a powerful complex wyrd affair-
Caution: I advise you to use the utmost care
Quiet within and quiet without
I trust that my Soul knows what this is about
And maybe, Goddess willing, will choose to eventually tell me
So I end this whole strange event with So mote it be!

This poem may need a bit of an explanation. I originally intended to write a poem titled ‘The Goddess Mind.’ But it wasn’t coming out right; I knew what I wanted to say but couldn’t seem ton put it together in the way I wanted. Feeling restless, I decided to do a meditation-slash-Trance-journey, to connect with my deities, to ask their advice on the matter. This poem is the after-effects of that journey – exactly how I felt when I ‘came back’. A very strange experience! And, this writing is what came out naturally as soon as I picked up my pen. So, from writing to Meditative Journeying to Feeling to Writing something else!

A Healing Poem

Should you choose to accept, a gift sincere and true:
A healing poem, through the computer from me to you.
Reiki healing I distance-send
To help you heal and newly mend.
Whatever your ache, trouble, pain or sorrow,
This energy light shall help by the morrow.
So just sit and relax, no need to do,
I hope you’ll feel as good as new.

I begin with the symbol of Cho-Ku-Rei
To spiral in and down to energy intensify;
Next I envision Sei-He-Ki,
The release any emotional energy;
Then I draw on Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen,
Clear all past energies and refresh-start again;
Dai-Ko-Myo to charge the healing more fully,
Allow Divine energy to reach deeply and truly.

And now I allow the Reiki Light
To do its work all through the night.
So be at peace and accept this, my gift,
For you to be healed with no divide nor rift
‘Tween your body, mind, heart and soul-
And wake in the morn healthy and whole.

The Reiki Symbols

The Reiki Symbols

Blessings be.

My own A.R.K

My A.R.K rides the tidal waves of the ocean of Agape,

Carried forward by the gentle waters without and within;

Perhaps I will see other other A.R.Ks along the way…

My A.R.K (Act of Random Kindness):

A Crystalline Gift

A Crystalline Gift

Is It Just Me? (they don’t look like this in the magazines)



Is it just me or does my bum look too big?
Is it just me or am I too fat? I need to lose weight!
Is it just me or is my hair a mess?
Is it just me or do my clothes never fit quite right?
Is it just me or is my face too pale?
With too many lines and a nose slightly off centre,
With a too-round chin and bags under my eyes
My eyebrows need fixing, my nails doing, my top lip waxing!
It must be just me: they don’t look like this on the television
Or in the magazines, not a wrinkle round their eyes nor
On their foreheads;
Their hair always immaculate and clothes just perfectly
It must be just me-how to make that ‘perfect body’ mine?
Oh good grief look at her: What does she think she looks like –
Has she no pride?
She could have made an effort, her kids must be so ashamed!
Look at him, has he no fashion-sense?
He could have brushed his hair and bought some decent shoes!
Who does she think she is, in those shiny high heels and short skirt,
Just asking for attention if you ask me,
Some kind of super-star or model wannabe.
Look at him thinking he’s God gift to women, with that sharp
Hair-cut and flashing the cash like there’s no tomorrow!
Honestly! What is wrong with everyone?
Oh look-my favourite celeb programme’s on BBC1…

Introducing: A rather fabulous shiny new blog!

Yes, apparently one blog just isn’t enough, so I now have another blog!

The ‘fabulous’ is because the new blog is one created with my partner- a joint effort, so it will have a different voice to this one here. I’m rather excited about this, it’s something I have been humming and ha-ing about for a while, and thanks to my partner’s encouragement and involvement, we’ve finally let fly with it!

The new blog is an outlet for all things spiritual. There is so much to discover and explore with this aspect, so many facets and interesting topics, and every time we do a meditation, Reiki session, Journey etc, something different and interesting happens! So we decided to blog about it, and hopefully teach, learn, and connect with others through this!

So if you are interested in the Spiritual side of life, if you are curious about Paganism, Reiki, Shamanism, what happens on a trance journey, how science fits in with spirituality, Angels, Spirit Animal guides, and whatever else takes our fancy to write about… then please, go take a peek!

Now, you won’t see an awful lot there right now… we have completed the ‘about us’ page and another static page, and Neometheus is currently writing the very first post… but the ‘about us’ page will give you an insight to what to expect on the blog. (And of course you can hit ‘follow’ and see Neometheus’ very first post as he publishes it!)

So, without further ado, I give you (drum roll)….

🙂 Blessings be!

Award time!







A very appreciative Thank you to angiesgrapevine for this award! please, go check her out.   She is full of interesting tid-bits on a variety of stuff 🙂

I have to admit, I’ve been nominated for awards before, and was genuinely delighted, but sadly I did not have the time to accept them and follow all the rules. This time, however, I do and I am 🙂

Here are the rules of the award:
1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
4.) Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back

Ok, here goes then, 7 facts about me:

  1. I am a Reiki Master.
  2. I don’t like strawberries (really, I don’t).
  3. I’m the only person I know who can bend ONLY the first joints of my index and middle fingers without bending the rest of those fingers (try it… let me know if you can do it!)
  4. I have one piece of jewellry – a ring – that I never, ever take off. I don’t know why. No, it’s not an engagement ring.
  5. I am a bookworm, but I do not read horror/crime/psychological thrillers. Anything else goes, though.
  6. I’m in love with Keats. (Yes, I know he’s dead.)
  7. I have very few friends, but every one of them is quality – by which I mean, I can talk to each one of them about anything. I don’t do ‘acquaintances’.

So that’s me. Now for the 15 bloggers that I would like to nominate:


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  6. wisejourney

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Phew, they make you work for it, don’t they?? I have no idea why there are gaps in the list, something always goes wrong when I’m required to do something technical! I hope it’s all worked otherwise, anyway!

Anyway, thanks again for the award, and I hope you enjoy checking out some of these wonderful blogs!

Blessings be.

The Shaman’s Horse

shaman image“I am a circle within in a circle/
with no beginning and never ending…”

Mantra say over and again,
Vibrating within; a meditation refrain.
Circle, sway, shuffle, dance:
Chant and drum drum into trance…
Shaman-like the Spirit moves
Hear the thu-thunder of ethereal hooves-
Flying free riding the Shaman’s Horse
Taking an unusual dream-like course
To the sound of the d-rum d-rum beat
Released from the body Travelling fleet
And fast and sure and knowing
Seeking answers and wisdom with power growing
Teachers and Guides and Allies heed the call
When the Shaman rides and journeys all
Respect given and respect shown in turn-
The tempo changes calling Come! Return!
Boom-boom boom-boom the Shaman heeds
The rhythmic sound of his trusty steed
And like a heart- beat in conscious sound
The Shaman’s Horse brings him safely to ground.

This is so powerful, I had to reblog this. This hit me hard, down to my heart and soul. We should never forget. All tribute to Romulus Campan.

@Aspergreatness - Liberty of Thinking

…so fragile


when tender merciesmourn
above forgotten mornings,
with sand beneath the alabaster dreams,
how few the sounds are
of unsung old memories,
unworthy on the parchment of what seems,
to bejust shallow
echoes of some senses,
long buried
in my bloody battlefields.

they’re all Moriahs,
all my hills and mountains,
with stairs cut deep into my veins;

they’re mine the treasures,
mine the earnings
of all the bloody,
barren rains…

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