Merry Post-Christmas

Hello everyone and Merry post-Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun, crazy time!

It’s been mad here – two young children running around shredding paper and a kitten scattering it to every corner of the house! Toys piling up – as well as the laundry!

But the best thing about Christmas? For me it’s what I call the ‘Slow-Down’: The break from normality and routine, not worrying about housework, getting to places on time etc – it’s sitting down and being Right Here Right Now, with the children. Being absolutely in the moment with them, enjoying their company and feeling their joy. There is nothing better than that.

It’s something that is easily forgotten in today’s busy lifestyle, and the first thing that takes a back seat. but it’s the thing, above all else, that we should treasure – what do you get more joy from than the company of the person/people you love? Never take them for granted. No matter how busy you are, please, make time for the ‘Slow-Down’. Life is richer for it.

Blessings be for a happy 2013.


And the Dream Made It Worse

This poem is based on the idea of dreams; their surreal-ness, and the feelings that they can leave you with upon waking.

"The Knight's Dream", 1655, by Anton...

“The Knight’s Dream”, 1655, by Antonio de Pereda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreaming awake
The butterfly flutters
As the smell of toast
The crow caws
In a dark morning sky
… And the dream made it worse.

Awake in your sleep
The blackbird flaps its wings
As it hurries away.
My queen to your king
As the first drop of rain falls
…And the dream made it worse.

She runs through the
Halls and he sits there,
The raven gives one last caw
…And the dream made it worse

Just a quick ‘Halloo’

Hi there, fellow bloggers – I hope this Festive Season finds you all very well and looking forward to that thing just around the corner – yes, the ‘C’ word 🙂

Firstly, allow me to apologise for not being my usual dedicated blogging self: it has been crazy busy here, and I’m running around like a spider on speed trying to get everything done before we reach the big ‘C’!

I promise I will be back with you very soon – probably after all the madness is over. I will catch up with all your wonderful blogs, and start blogging regularly again.I haven’t forgotten you – I miss you! I can’t wait to catch up with all your blogs, so please be patient with me!

Secondly, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to those of you have nominated me for awards – Kalabalu; Uzoma; Tebogo Ndlovu. Wow, I am honoured! I promise you I will accept the awards and dedicate the required time – when Time graciously slows her trailing hand for me!

And finally, I would like to welcome my new followers to my blog – thank you all for visiting, and I will catch up with you guys too, I promise! 🙂

I hope you will all bear with me – and in the mean time, I will leave you with a poem (see next post!) Not very Christmasy, but another old one from back in the day. AND….


Blessings be everyone

Heidi xx

Evil Reflections

Another old one – this one I wrote at 17.

In the depth of night
No moon shows
The stars are hiding
I hear the bell toll.

Diana Huntress

Diana Huntress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everywhere quiet,
Noise is a sin
The Huntress is hunting tonight
The blood scent is keen.

She glides with silent feet
The darkness her cloak
And though I stand oh so quiet-
I feel her knife at my throat.

Her eyes blaze with triumph
Evil beauty springs to life
I look down into the river-
The Huntress – myself.

I am hunting the evil:
It has begun within
And only my Huntress
Can save me from sin.

I’m taking you back, way back

I’ve been looking through my old folders of writing and I was surprised when I came across the very first poem that I wrote. I didn’t realise that I still had that one. I had just turned 14. I could rework this one, I could draft it and refine it -but I don’t want to. There’s something special about ‘The First Poem’. It’s not particularly refined, but I love the sentiment: it tells me a lot about my 14 year old self. So, dear bloggers, I share with you – the very first poem I ever wrote.

Civilised – Us or Them?

They call us civilised:
Us with murder and rape,
Abduction and abuse,
Violence and pollution.
They call us civilised,
Us with disappearing animals
Black seas and black skies,
Vanishing forests and vanishing tribes.

We call them unadvanced:
They with peace and unity,
Loyalty and faith,
In touch with nature, themselves.
We call them unadvanced,
They, knowing without speech,
Language without words,
Peace without desperation.

They respect the land, the animals.
We respect an image, money.
Simplicity their communication,
Confusion ours.
So: are we civilised
And They


Dance the Circle of Life


spiral (Photo credit: rad(ish)labs)

Dance the circle of life:
A spiral ever down or ever up-
Yours the choice to make,
Yours to learn from mistakes.
Ever moving on that curling path,
Ever flowing from birth to epitaph.

Dance the circle of life:
Spiralling ever and on
To the grave – a seed from
Which all was first born.
How many days, how many lessons?
Will you be taught ‘til the grave beckons?

Dance the circle of life:
To spiral around and again
The Fool to Master you may be,
Or Master to Fool – do you see?
Will you travel up the outward road,
Or ever down, inwards, ‘til your tale is told?

The Devil Weeps

Free Angel Tears Creative Commons

Free Angel Tears Creative Commons (Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography)

Rivers of blood
Angel’s tears,
The Winged One weeps,
The Devil fears:
What we have made sweeps
Across this earthly hell,
Far more devilry
Than the Devil could compel.
A barren wasteland
Of human machines,
The Horned One weeps
And the Angel fears:
Mortal brutality seeps
And the soul disappears
Drop by bitter
A river; a sea; an ocean.
What need of the Horned One
And his tempting devotion
When there is already we –


These two poems are based on a Fantasy character I have had in my head for several years now. To give you a brief insight: Jadiam is a legend. He has been around – or known

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– for centuries, millenia even. He is like ‘The Fool’ of the Tarot: he goes his own way, cares for no-one, does and says things that can seem obtuse, arrogant, crazy, senseless. Last time he was around, he helped to save the world against the ‘evil’ (details of the book not finalised yet – Jadiam just hangs round in my head!). However, it is not guaranteed whose, if anyone’s, he is on. He is totally independent, mysterious, human-shaped but seemingly alien in thought, manner and deed. He comes and goes as he will, and maybe he will tell you why he’s here, maybe not. But his appearances are linked with some worldly trauma happening.

How can a human be millenia old? That’s Jadiams secret…

His legend has been passed down for generations….


Soulfire (Jadiam)

From when did the Storm-fires come?
In which age were they born?
Under which God dawned the new age sun ?
In what caves was the Havoc wrought?

Darkness remembers everything,
Daylight nothing at all,
But in down the tunnels no birds sing
Where Un-humans rule.

Jadiam, make your peace,
Afore the Solstice sun,
Let your scourging temper cease
Before the killings come.

Fire and ash, plague and death,
Our grand-folks tell the tale,
Jadiam rise from lands of West –
We call on you to prevail.

 LEGEND (Jadiam)

Jadiam rides from lands of South,
Word passes quicker mouth to mouth.
Unbelieving many scorn
Until Black Dragon is Reborn.

Jadiam’s beast, warrior fierce
Ne’er seen over five hundred years.
Fear and hope mingle, merge
As Jadiam’s signs on Horizon converge.

Abstract Soul

English: Pleiades Star Cluster

English: Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feigned in gold:
Peace forever in one moment of bliss.
Lives felt other than your own:
Power of the Soul.
Urban hermit, self-imposed:
A wreathed existence.

Secrets – of life of love of knowledge-
Will all the knowing in the world
Fill the cup of curiosity?
Circle, silver spirals of stars.

If you could control your dreams –
Of fantasies –
Would you choose sleep over waking?
Illusion over reality?
Temptation and desire.

Past lives present life:
Would you choose to know
Lives lived past and gone
Risking entanglements
Of problems past
With the present?

What type of Mage would you be?

Another fun question for you…

Some time ago, I came up with the beginnings of a book – one of many. As I love fantasy, this particular book was going to be based within that genre. I listed and detailed the concept of Mages in my story. Now, I am aware that this is not particularly original, but linked in with the rest of the ideas, I’m hoping it is original enough! Below is an excerpt of my story plan, and I thought I would post it here for some light-hearted reading. So, if you like fantasy, or the idea of being a mage with elemental powers at your command, then:

which of the following would you be – or like to be?


AIR (East) air magic; wind, weather, the air itself.
Power/talent with creatures of the air, also whisperings on the wind. The night sky, shadows – Darkness.

FIRE (South) fire magic; use of Sun energy, volcanoes, flames, heat. Physical energy and Action.

WATER (West) water magic; rain, lakes and seas etc. Direction of Sensitivities and Healing. Talent with sea creatures.

EARTH (North) earth magic; the earth itself, land, forests, plants.
Power/Talent with land creatures. Also Depths and Darkness. Revivng/ nurturing.

ETHER (Centre): To see the Otherworld clearly.
Control/power/ability with the Otherworld. Empathic, Psychic, Destiny-seeing, Dream-weaving.

 These are the Elements with which the Mages are gifted. There is dark as well as Light; they are balanced and cannot be one without the other. Dark magic is encompassed within the Mages Circle, and those who find themselves gifted in such a way are long trained how to use its power appropriately and effectively, so that the darkness does not take over and Turn the Soul.

Some Mages find they are gifted with two powers; and are known as Geminis. One always dominates though. Earth and Water, for example. The power of the two Elements mixed depends from Mage to Mage; varying powers have manifested through the same combinations of Elements.


The personality of mages tend to hold a common bond to each House, or Element of the Mages Power. Each House or Elemental Mage can be compacted to the following traits… like reading a Horoscope!
FIRE mages tend to be determined, enthusiastic and/or stubborn people, with a will of iron. They are usually practical, quick thinkers, problem solvers, although not always flexible to the ideas of others – especially when they believe they are right. Their gaze is intense, full of heat, daring you almost. They are not big on imagination or drama. With the rare exception (as there is to every rule) fire mages like, and more to the point, thrive in the sun. They are miserable and weak without sun energy, and thus need to be in hot, sunny places for their physical, spiritual and mental health. They are usually restless people, moving on to new things easily without regret or loss, but also will be the first to spring into action whenever and wherever it is needed. The Fire Elemental is the governance of Warrior mages – not all, but most Warrior mages are fire mages.

EARTH mages are also quite practical, when faced with something they consider a challenge, but can also be darker and deeper other Elemental mages. Their emotions go deep, but they have a strong ability to hide or closet them, leaving their face and thoughts unreadable. Their eyes are dark; dark green, hazelnut to earth brown, and their gaze appears deep, deep as the earth, as if trying to draw you down to the depths. It is intense, seeming considering and thoughtful. Earth element tends to throw up more Dark mages than any other element – because of its deep, dark depths and wild places. Seducers, clever manipulators, they can be as cold as the winterland, or as lively and free as a spring meadow. Earth mages like to go wandering alone, keeping their own company, spending significant time in (hopefully) lonely forests, mountains and afore-mentioned wild places. They can nurture, protect and heal, but also suffocate, pulling down to the borders of the grave. Earth magic is the governance for producing witches; mages who go to remote villages etc., and use Nature magic. Witches generally are the mages who like to get right back to basics, and lead a simple and generally lonely but happy life.

WATER mages are as emotional as the seas; light-hearted, frivolous, stormy, quickly gets over anger. They are helpful people, gentle and thoughtful – when they are not being frivolous! Their power to heal is the best of all the Elemental mages. Their eyes vary in colour from stormy grey, light clear blue to ocean blue and through greens as well. Their gaze, just as intense as the others, is clearer and sharp, like ice. They can become too serious sometimes, and given to dark thoughts. Water Elemental produces a few dark mages. These people tend to be good with the emotions and feelings of others, but not good on the practical side. Because of their sensitivity, water mages can also make good witches – as long as they have mastered their high emotions.

AIR mages are thoughtful, gentle, light-hearted and generally happy go lucky. They tend to be fairly wise, and can be practical as well as open-minded and creative. They are adept at curing and creating Illusion and dispelling Bewitching spells. However, the Shadows and their power therein also means that quite a few Dark mages are produced by this element. Air and Darkness: the Fear of shadows, of whispered schemes, of Nocturnal Hunters. Their eyes range from clear to mid blue and cloudy grey. Their gaze is inescapable, almost inviting you and moving through you like a chill winter wind. Air mages tend to take mediating roles, and are the official Mage Ambassadors to the rest of the Official world – because of their balanced, open attitude and high intellignce.

ETHER mages tend to be quiet, introverted, and slightly unnerving, even by mage standards. They often seem unaware of the world around them, but when they do bring their attention to bear, it is full; intense, total. They are natural psychics, dream-weavers, empaths and so on. Other Elemental mages may have some or even all of these powers, but not so strong, as intense and total as the Ether mages. They have a vagueness about them, even amongst the other Elemental mages. They are the Arcane Studiers, and guide the council in decisions, where they can – where they have had a vision, or sign in some manner. They read and interpret ancient scrolls and omens, the stars, the Divine Energy from which all Elemental magic springs. They commune in a way that is unsurpassed, and seem ‘lighter’ for it; no matter how dark the skin, hair, eyes and general aura start off, years of Divine Communion lightens the whole being. Ether mages all appear ethereal. Ether Elemental rarely produces a Dark mage. When it does, Historical changes can be made. They are powerful, deep, iron-willed individuals with unsurpassed powers of magic. Each Dark Ether mage has been noted in history for their extraordinary deeds, and the heroic effort it took to bring them down. The Council of the past ages have alternatively tried training and harnessing a Dark Ether mage – disastrous – and totally destroying them through various means. No matter at what stage of youth they tried it – i.e. as soon as the powers manifested, the Dark Ether mage had enough natural inner ability to avoid danger. Wild Dark Ether mages were far worse than ones who had been Academy trained and cared for, so this was the current policy. Though a Dark Ether mage had not turned up for nigh on one hundred years.

SO…. would you control power, or be Gemini? Would you be a Light mage, or Dark… a Dark Gemini, even? Or Dark Ether mage?

I hope you had fun!


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