Flow of Life


Nature (Photo credit: Nature Pictures by ForestWander)

Locked within the melody of Time
I hear its rhythm surge through my mind,
My soul, like the purity
Of a dolphin echo
That leaves behind the faintest chime –
Yet speak it true.
If only we knew
How to reach higher, further-
Separate the pure from pure Sin.

Innocence blessed with knowledge gained
And knowledge ravaged by Time’s
Untimely hand. Unerring –
Unnerving, to one who thought
They had crossed – and passed – Experience’s Court,

Only to find the same bridge
Over the same river;
A different current flows,
The banks dug deeper.
Familiar territory in unfamiliar lands
I see with the same eyes yet feel
With rougher hands.
Still that haunting echo rings
To inspire from youth’s loss
A woman older -darker,

A woman wiser.




The Power of Three

Power of Three

Power of Three (Photo credit: hale_popoki)


Trilogy. Triangle. Trinity – Holy Trinity, Goddess Trinity.

Perception. A triangle can see every angle of itself.

Three little pigs, three witches, three circles of Kabbalah.

Three pyramids (of importance) at Aztecs’ land, & in (Ancient) Egypt.

The Father – The Son – The Holy Ghost
Maid – Mother – Crone

Angels – Mortals – Demons
Spirits – Mortals – Machines

Sun – Moon – Stars
Sun – Wind – Rain
Land – Sea – Sky

What is it about this ‘magic’ number? Why does it have so much power, so much importance?

A little explanation on ‘Reiki Prayer’

The Reiki symbol Chokurei, also spelled Cho Ku...

The Reiki symbol Chokurei, also spelled Cho Ku Rei an abbreviated as CKR. There are many versions of Chokurei in use today – this is only one. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I appreciate that this poem makes a lot more sense if you are familiar with Reiki! But I could not help posting it: Reiki is something very dear to me, and is a part of my life. It seemed fitting to write a poem – another thing very dear to me; writing, obviously – about it.

For those of you that have not come across Reiki, let me explain – briefly: It is an energy healing force, that works on the body, mind, emotions and soul. It differs from other energy healing, in that the practitioners use specific symbols to help enhance and balance the energy. Practitioners have to go through three degrees of training: 1st, 2nd, Master. Each level opens up more Reiki energy able to be channeled, and more ‘powerful’ symbols. A Master is simply ‘Teacher’, one who can attune others to the Reiki energy, as well as use the Dai-Ko-Myo and Raku symbols.

Ch-Ku-Rei is like a spiral, sending energy down and through the body, it ‘energises’ ‘powers up’ the healing being sent. Sei-He-Ki is balance; harmony, and mostly works on the emotional level of the person being healed. Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is basically Spiritual, healing on the soul level. It is enlightenment; clearing of Karma.

Dai-Ko-Myo is a more powerful Cho-Ku-Rei, like a battery charger adding more life to the healing energy. Finally Raku, Masters are told in training, is only ever to be used to pass the attunements – though I have experimented with this, and it is a very powerful symbol when used in other ways or in meditation (Please don’t try this at home!)

Well, I hope this gives you an understanding of why and how I have written this poem – and I hope it makes a little more sense!


Reiki Prayer

Reiki symbol1

Reiki symbol1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reiki rise and Reiki shine;
Reiki clean and clear my mind,
Reiki flow and Reiki move,
Reiki heal me good as new.

Cho-Ku-Rei: spiral in, down and through,
Sei-He-Ki: balance emotions, calm and true,
Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen: no past, no present, no future;
-Clear the Akashic records, heal all karma.

Dai-Ko-Myo: from Reiki Master’s hand;
Enhance the energy’s power band,
Raku: Lightening strike;
Attune new souls and ascending light.

Reiki spirits help and guide;
Reiki heal body, heart and mind.
Reiki flow and Reiki move,
Reiki heal me good as new.

No matter how busy you are, there’s always time for a little piece of Joy…

Starting this blog has been an eye opener for me – in fact, more than that, it’s a been a real spirit-opener! I find myself busier than I have been before, trying to find out all about the world of blogging, keeping mine updated and searching others, learning how the world of social media works…

So I work, I have a family, I’m blogging… my time suddenly seems filled to the brim… yet I find myself happy, more content than I have been for a long time. Why? Simple: I am doing something that I love. I am writing, I am sharing my writing. My creative spirit has re-emerged, and I find that when I drift off to day-dreams, I am constantly thinking in ‘poetry mode’. It has been a long time since I have felt this uplifted. And it’s all thanks to starting this blog!

I’ve started taking my notebook to work, and, whenever I think of anything, scribbling a rhyme, a concept, a thought, a line in it. It’s certainly helped me get through the day at work, it’s changed my whole perspective.

So, I find that there is only one conclusion:

wherever you go, whatever you do, there is always time for a little piece of joy!

A Thousand Lives

I have lived a thousand lives,
But never lived my own.
I Dream.
Of Lives I could live, have lived,
May still live.
Stronger, wiser me!
My mind floats in living dreams,
While my body continues in this,
True life….?
Slipping, floating…. I dream….
Of every single thousand….
Drawing strength, knowledge,
From a Self – selves? –
I have never been.
Visions intrude, entice,
Forcing me to accept the
Yin-yang residing within.
Never just Yin, never just Yang.
That cannot be!
They are separate, together.
Accept it, each part,
Understand and
Then Peace can live within.
I am a prism of personalities,
Living one life a thousand times –
Or should that be
A thousand Lives in One?

Altar of the Heart

Like Jesus, nailed to the cross,
The dreamland of Horrors fastens me
Tensing every bone, every muscle,
As I try to strive free.
Fraught, finally, give up the strain
And in the giving come closer than I have ever been;
Yet still not free – though the walls are in sight
I alone cannot break through –
Ever and ever have I tried,
Eternal Fear holds me, grips me tight.
I need a gentler spirit to guide me to the Light.
Lead me to the Heart,
I cannot, will not go alone
But once at her altar I shall cry
And the seed of new life shall be sown.

The Corridor

The corridor was dark. Narrow. Too narrow. Too dark to see more than what was right in front of me. I could just make out the outline of objects scattered in my way, but not what they were. I did not want to know.
The floor was cement, a thin carpet running along the middle of it. The walls were slab. Cold. Wet.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
Echoing. From somewhere. An insistent reminder. I did not want to move past the doorway.
Tiny scrabblings, buzzings, of cockroaches, flies, and worse. Bound to be spiders. Huge. Spinning webs the width of the human-less corridor.

Deep breath. My heart was not hammering: I did not have a heart.
I could feel my veins pulsing, throbbing.
Dripthrob… Dripthrob… Dripthrob
Slowly, cautiously, I put a foot forward. Crunch. Then the other. Crunch. Darkness, all darkness. I wanted to put my hand on the wall for reassurance. But there was no reassurance. I moved again, kept going. Manoeuvre around the unknown objects. Avert eyes, close eyes, don’t look. Don’t touch. Move with foot if I have to. Crunch crunch.
Dripthrob…. Dripthrob….. Dripthrob

Slimy, squelchy, crunchy, wisps of webs, dankness, darkness. Always darkness. Godless. Hades would not rule here. This belonged to the Nemesis of Bacchus; too much temptation for eternity, the joy burnt out aeons ago, indolence, carelessness, strength born only of anger and selfish indulgence… passion gone wrong. Anti-passion. The fruit of passion left to go rotten.

Squelchcrunch Dripthrob Squelchcrunch Dripthrob Squelchcrunch Dripthrob

The corridor ended. I sought for the door – here, on the left. Not even the door-lock gleamed. Gloom and dank sucking in every scrap. The door felt sticky. I used my foot. The door swung open, creaking. Lifelessness continued. Light – there at the far end. No panic. Just an abstract desire to not be here. A thought risen unbidden from the deep pit of the mind, the part that simply watches and observes its vehicle at work. This place was like that. Pit of the mind. Repressed past.

The light. Low wattage, but still light.
Pale unmoving bodies lay strewn around. Blank eyes followed me. I was at the back of the room.
I kneeled down. Bodies on either side, but enough space, enough not to touch. Barely. Moans issued from their mouths like banshees at torture.
I closed my eyes. Nonsensical sounds crescendo from pale, parted lips, faster faster, faster.
I spoke silently. Lips and mouth moving. Not vocal chords. Shudder, shudder. Racked by convulsions.
Moaning moaning screaming.
Shudder shudder.

I found my heart.
As I did every time I came here.
I found my heart.
And I left.


Brush marks of time tell When
But not How,
Tell us What, but not Why.
Scurry scurry in the frozen
Crystals of time
Hurry hurry before the next decline.
Before we are only
Brush marks of time.

What Great Civilisation is next
To walk the Fated path
Of Glorious Empire and then
Fall, as the Pattern ordains?
Our Great Age approximated
Carbon-dated, debated upon
And lectured on.

Our debauchery and crime
To which we are so willingly blind
Is the downfall of Babylonia,
Of Rome. City after city,
Age after age,
Our true eyes do not see
The rhythmic undulation
Of History’s waves.

The Power and meaning of letters

Kudos – Karma – Kismet – Knowledge – Kairos – Kali – Kabbalah – Kallisiti

All of these are words of undefined, gentle yet unequivocal power.
K = the Mystic letter

Vagina – vulva – virgin
Woman – womb – witch – wise

‘W’ – ‘double u’ – uu = breasts? (breast-like) W = female power
‘V’ is a single of ‘W’ V = innocent woman/sacred woman?

Man – male – masculine – muscle – machine – mad – manic – master – monk‘M’ is a very male dominated letter. M = male power (‘the symbolic core of man’)

However, ‘M’ also includes;
Moon – menstruate – maiden – mother

M = opposite = W
W: Is open upwards & outwards; receiving – feminine
M: Turned inwards; downwards; closed.

Womb-man. WO-MAN = Woman.

Man is part of woman. Woman is part of man.

KWM MWK WMK = Wo-Man-Kind(red)

3 powerful letters that merge the meaning of opposites, bringing balance and harmony… and K is the balancer, the merging.

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